Six Point Ambition :: DOB: 4/19/10

SS: +*B Lakeshore-Farms JJ Limosine
LA 06-02 89 VEE
Sire of 2 time ADGA National Show Res CH & Reserve Best Udder
Sire: *B Risin' Creek He's Bonafide
LA 02-03 89 VVE
SD: GCH Risin' Creek There She Is 1*M
05-03 91 EEVE
2011 ADGA National Show Reserve Champion
DS: *B Nickel's High Cee
3 CH daughters
LA 5-03 88 VVEV dry
DD: Dale-Haven MT Nutmeg 3*M
LA 7-07 88 VVVV
3 GCH daughters
LIFE 294 1410 70 57

Dam: GCH Six Point Millennium 4*M (2008)

Granddam: GCH Risin' Creek There She Is 1*M

Ambition is a handsome masculine buck that we retained out of one of our all-time favorite does, GCH Six Point Millennium 4*M. Ambition hails from our Nutmeg doe line, an extremely correct and consistent line of does. Ambition's dam, Millennium, had one of the most correct udders we have bred, well-attached and properly-shaped that held up as she aged. Ambition's maternal half-sister, GCH Six Point Auralina 5*M, was another one of our favorites, a powerful doe with a well-attached and milky mammary. Ambition's sire was a son of GCH Risin' Creek There She Is 1*M, the 2011 ADGA Reserve National Champion Nubian. Ambition's paternal half-sister in our herd, CH Six Point Boca Chita, is currently one of our top show does, rarely defeated in the show ring as a milker. With the quality of animals behind him, we expect his daughters to be quite the showstoppers. His first kids are attractive and correct, but we anxiously await his daughters' freshening to see the quality of udder he passes on.

Six Point Beamington :: DOB: 2/9/11

SS: *B Copper Hill O'Bannon
LA 02-02 90 VEE
Sire: *B Copper Hill O'Flynn
LA 1-04 84 +VV
SD: Copper Hill Papa's Sparkle 15*M
LA 02-02 89 VEEE
DS: GCH +B Manges Colony Magic Maker
LA 5-01 90 VEE
5 CH daughters
LA 2-03 87 VVVV
DD: Dale Haven M. T. Nutmeg 3*M
LA 7-07 88 VVVV
3 GCH daughters

Full sister: CH Six Point Bahama Mama (2011)

Dam: GCH Six Point Orexis 4*M (2007)

Beamington (aka Beamer) is a large, stylish buck that combines 3 animals that have come to define our herd: *B Copper Hill O'Flynn (3 CH daughters), GCH +B Manges Colony Magic Maker (5 CH daughters), and Dale Haven MT Nutmeg 3*M (3 CH daughters). Beamer has a pedigree full of animals proven to produce superior animals.

*B Mega-Milkers Total Turmoil :: DOB 3/8/11

SS: ++*B GCH Regehrs Alginon's Beaujolais
LA 07-06 90 EVV
2002 National Show Premier Sire
Sire: +*B SGCH Manges-Colony Beau Linus
LA 07-01 91 EEE
SD: GCH Manges-Colony Pan Lauren 1*M
LA 06-03 90 E+EV
DS: +*B Desert-Caper Classic Tradition
LA 03-02 84 ++V
Dam: GCH Mega-Milkers Mariska 2*M
LA 05-05 91 VEEE
LIFE 1065 7930 4.8 383 4.1 328
DD: Manges-Colony Layla 1*M
LA 05-02 86 V+E+
LIFE 826 4890 4.6 224 3.7 182

Dam: GCH Mega-Milkers Mariska

Full Sister: SGCH Mega-Milkers Up Town Girl 4*M

Half Sister: Mega-Milkers HP L-O-L-A Lola 3*M
Photos courtesy of Mega-Milkers Nubians

Turmoil is our newest herdsire that we've brought in from outside. Matt admired Turmoil's dam, GCH Mega-Milkers Mariska 2*M, while judging at the Wyoming State Fair in 2010. We were pleased to see Mariska traced back to the bloodlines we're very interested in. Turmoil has a number of attractive maternal sisters in the Mega Milkers herd, including his full sister, SGCH Mega Milkers Up Town Girl 3*M, LA 90 VEEE, 6th place 4-year-old at the 2012 ADGA National Show. Turmoil's sire, SGCH +B Manges Colony Beau Linus, was a handsome buck that produced a number of stylish does. Turmoil has been stingy with does, but we hope to get more in the future to fully see what he's capable of. His first kids have been correct, but first udders will be another year coming.

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